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Preparing Your Landscaping This Summer

As summer is already upon us, it is a good idea for residents to assess their landscaping needs and determine if their landscaping meets their community’s HOA’s Guidelines, while simultaneously being cognizant of water conservation. This is essentialy important, due to California’s ongoing drought problem.

Here are some helpful summer landscaping tips for residents to follow:

Implementing Hardscape

When it comes to the larger surface areas of your landscaping, it is wise to think about investing in more hardscape. This can be anything from utilizing pavers, stamped concrete, or merely just laying down a concrete slab. You then can accent your landscape by placing terra cotta pots with seasonal florals and greenery. Depending on your financial budget, it may seem expensive initially to have something like stamped concrete placed in your yard; but, through time it will be more eco-friendly, because it will obviously require less water to maintain. Another option is using more decorative stones and pebbles for ground cover as another water-friendly option. There can be many creative ways to make this look aesthetically pleasing and attractive for your landscape.

Selecting More Native Plants:

In selecting the type of plants to go into your landscape, take the time to do your research and choose plants that are appropriate for your specific climate and soil within your property. By selecting native plants that acclimate easily in your particular climate with your current soil, it allows your plants to easily thrive in their natural environment.  It not only requires less water maintenance, but it also promotes sustainability for your property to utilize drought-resistance plants.

Check Your Water Irrigation System

It is essential that you check for improper leaks in your sprinkler system that may lead to excessive water usage. Work with your landscaper or make sure that your irrigation system is targeted to directly water your greenery and plants and not being mis-directed to areas that do not need watering. Converting to an eco-friendly irrigation system can also be beneficial for water preservation of your landscape. This can include installing automated sprayhead irrigators with standard nozzles, creating a fine mist, allowing for more water coverage while utilizing less water consumption. Also, using drip irrigators such as converting to a rotating sprayhead nozzle will be one of the most efficient options for California landscapes. An interesting water conserving tip is to schedule your irrigation system to water during sunrise or sunset, because soil absorbs the most water during lower temperatures.

In summary, these are just a few helpful landscaping water conservation tips that your HOA Community will be pleased for their residents to follow, as a guideline in preserving one of our most precious natural resources. In addition, this will be extremely advantageous in continuing to maintain and improve the value of your home and your neighborhood.=

When seeking to find a reputable HOA Management Company that can advise you on proper landscaping guidelines, and assist in your property management needs, contact Atlantic & Pacific Management at (858) 672-3100 or visit aphoamgmt.com.

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