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Is Your HOA Prepared for their Reserve Study?

Now is the time for your HOA to prepare for their reserve study. It is essential to conduct these routine assessments and ensure there is sufficient financial reserves for unexpected expenses in their neighborhood community. Unanticipated expenses can include a giant tree falling onto the roof of one of your communities’ structures, a main water […]

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Preparing Your Landscaping This Summer

As summer is already upon us, it is a good idea for residents to assess their landscaping needs and determine if their landscaping meets their community’s HOA’s Guidelines, while simultaneously being cognizant of water conservation. This is essentialy important, due to California’s ongoing drought problem. Here are some helpful summer landscaping tips for residents to […]

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HOA Summer Preparations For Your Neighborhood Community

It may not feel like it yet, but summer is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time for an HOA to start preparing for their neighborhood’s community spring cleaning to gear up for the summer. Warmer weather, BBQs, family gatherings, and prolonged hours of sunlight lend many residents to enjoy more of the […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an HOA Management Company

It’s proven that most communities with a HOA show that the residents of the community are overwhelmingly satisfied with where they live. An effective HOA can really make a huge impact on its community. Hiring the right HOA Management Company to guide your board will ensure success with the residents quality of life. To have […]

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How To Create A HOA Newsletter

Creating a newsletter is a fun and easy way to communicate with the residents, pass information and keep everyone informed, send reminders, and generate a sense of neighborliness among the community. You will want your newsletter to be engaging so that the community members take the time to read it. This will mean creating a […]

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5 Benefits of Living in an HOA Community

A lot of people think of an HOA as nothing more than a body that just sets community rules and makes you pay monthly dues. However, having an HOA is beneficial to any community. Below are five reasons why living in an HOA community is beneficial. 1) Well Maintained Common Areas and Amenities Without an […]

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Creating an HOA Calendar

Being an HOA member can be a more time-consuming task than you may expect. With meetings, deadlines, elections, budgeting planning, and everything else that goes into being a part of the HOA, you can find yourself overwhelmed trying to balance the deadlines and dates of an HOA on top of living your normal life. One […]

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Tips for Virtual HOA Meetings

With local regulations on social distancing, meetings, and group gatherings, a lot of Home Owners Associations are going to virtual HOA meetings. This may seem like a seamless transition, however there are many things to consider when switching your HOA meetings from in person to virtual. Choosing a Platform The first thing to consider is […]

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5 Tips for New HOA Board Members

Compliments to you for your new role as an HOA board member! Give yourself a pat on the back for your new position. Being an HOA board member comes with a lot of different responsibilities and requires you to wear a lot of different hats. To help you get started on your new role, Atlantic […]

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