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Fostering Community Harmony: Atlantic & Pacific Management's Role in HOA Communities

Living in a Homeowners Association (HOA) community offers numerous benefits, from shared amenities to a sense of belonging. However, maintaining a welcoming and harmonious atmosphere within an HOA community requires dedicated management and coordination. This is where Atlantic & Pacific Management steps in, offering expert guidance and support to create a thriving and inclusive environment […]

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Organizing and Managing an HOA Annual Meeting: A Comprehensive Guide

Membership in a Homeowners Association (HOA) entails certain responsibilities, among which is participating in the annual membership meeting. This gathering is pivotal, as it provides a platform for members to receive updates, deliberate on community affairs, and make decisions impacting the neighborhood. If you serve on the HOA board or are part of the planning […]

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2023 Financial Planning Guide for HOA Communities

As the new year unfolds, HOA communities embark on crucial planning endeavors. To ensure a prosperous year ahead, it’s imperative to update checklists and organize financials promptly. Here’s a breakdown of key tasks to tackle in February: Budget Review Dive into last year’s financial documents to assess alignment and performance. Analyze variances between projected and […]

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Atlantic & Pacific Management: New 2024 CA HOA Regulations

As we enter 2024, California’s HOA landscape is undergoing significant changes, and Atlantic & Pacific Management is committed to helping our residents adapt to these evolving regulations. Change can be daunting, but with Atlantic & Pacific Management by your side, adapting to the new 2024 California HOA regulations becomes a manageable task. By understanding these […]

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Atlantic & Pacific Management: Balcony Inspections

HOA Property management comes with numerous responsibilities, one of which is ensuring the safety and well-being of your residents. At Atlantic & Pacific Management, we are committed to helping you fulfill this responsibility by providing you with crucial information regarding Senate Bill 721 (SB 721). This bill mandates that all property HOA companies must complete […]

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Atlantic & Pacific Management: New 2024 HOA Contract

Sign a New 12 Month Contract for 2024 with Atlantic & Pacific Management and Get 1 Month Free! Introducing Atlantic & Pacific Management, your trusted partner in Homeowners Association (HOA) services. With a legacy spanning over four decades, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of HOA management. Our dedication to […]

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Atlantic & Pacific Management: Managing a HOA Community

Get Free Analysis of Current HOA Plan and One Month Free HOA Service with a new Annual 2024 Contracts Greetings and welcome to Atlantic & Pacific Management, your foremost choice for expert Homeowners Association (HOA) management services. With a rich history spanning over four decades, we have consistently empowered vibrant communities, revolutionized HOA operations, and […]

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Atlantic & Pacific Management: Your Trusted Partner for HOA Management

Sign a new annual contact and get ONE MONTH FREE! Welcome to Atlantic & Pacific Management, your premier destination for professional Homeowners Association (HOA) management services. For over 40 years, we have been the driving force behind thriving communities, reimagining how HOAs are run, and crafting memorable experiences for homeowners and board members alike. Today, […]

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Stay Compliant: Preparing Your HOA for the New Balcony Inspection Law

As of January 1, 2020, a new law mandates that associations with buildings containing three or more units must conduct inspections on load-bearing structures, including balconies and other external elements. These inspections are crucial to ensure compliance with updated codes and identify any potential structural issues. We have provided an overview of the requirements set […]

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