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To be prepared for 2023, it is important to have all your budgeting for your HOA community done before November 1st. Preparing an annual budget for an HOA community is not an easy task; it is a complex activity with many steps. A well-defined, well-written budget is a powerful financial tool allowing funds to be […]

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Solar Act

As the number of homeowners who have been turning to solar power as a source of clean, renewable energy continues to grow, people in certain neighborhoods have encountered problems due to the restrictions and regulations enforced in their communities. For those living in a community governed by a homeowners association, measures taken by the HOA […]

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Dues Assessments

Questions frequently arise about why associations raise dues and what the limitations are. HOA fees are determined by the anticipated expenses the association will incur to ensure a safe and clean environment for the community it governs. Expenses increase with inflation or when unexpected damages occur. Association dues can be raised or adjusted through regular […]

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Are you up to date on the new HOA Revisions?

As we continuously see changes within the California HOA laws, it can be difficult to keep up with the constant legal revisions. Our team is here to help you keep track of these updates and ensure the corrections in a timely manner to avoid any issues within your association. Below, we have summarized a few […]

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Is your HOA prepared for the new balcony inspection law?

Now is the time to begin inspections of balconies and other external structural elements to ensure they are up to the new codes. As of January 1 2020, associations with buildings that have three or more units must inspect load-bearing structures. All first inspections must be completed by January 1, 2025. Going forward, elevated structures must […]

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How to prepare for Halloween in an HOA neighborhood

Putting together costumes, choosing which candy you want to hand out, and decorating the exterior of your home are all some of the fun lead-ups to the celebration of Hallow’s Eve– the spooky celebration more commonly referred to as Halloween. However, if you live in an HOA community, there are a few other things to […]

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