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How To Create An HOA Newsletter

How To Create an HOA Newsletter

Creating a newsletter is a fun and easy way to communicate with the residents, disseminate information, send reminders, and generate a sense of neighborliness among the community.

You will want your newsletter to be engaging so that the community members take the time to read it. This will mean creating a newsletter that is interesting, fun, and informative. To do this, it would be beneficial to use a few of the following topics, tools, and design features.

Brainstorm Topics

First, you will want to decide what topics need to be included in the newsletter. Some things that you will want to include are any upcoming events, meetings, and anything else that will be taking place within the community in the upcoming weeks and months; this could include HOA meetings, community get-togethers, upcoming construction or maintenance, any city or town events that may affect the community, and any rules and reminders that need to be shared.

Then, think of some fun and interesting topics you want to include that the community will enjoy. This can include community member highlights, DIY articles and projects, recipes, games, infographics, and images.

Putting Together the Newsletter

Once you have your topics and images ready to go, the next step is putting the newsletter together.

Start off with something fun like a community highlight to grab the attention of the reader; such topics could include giving recognition to a community member or a group of community members, featuring a pet of the month, sharing a story of something positive that happened in the community, or recapping any community events that may have recently happened.

Current Events and Community Calendar

Next, include sections with your upcoming events and reminders. Including a calendar can be a helpful way to give the reader a visual look at exact dates of when things are happening.

If there are events coming up that require details or information, you can make a section with a few paragraphs describing the event. For example, if there is scheduled road maintenance coming up, let the readers know the expected dates and times of the maintenance and what times they can expect possible traffic increases.

Reminders, Photos, and Other Topics

For the rest of the newsletter, you can include maintenance tips, other community rules and reminders, fun articles and infographics, and lots of pictures and images.

Use photographs of your community or resident events to make it more engaging. This will make your residents have a personal connection to your community newsletter and will make the text separate and easier to read.

If you do not have current photos, inserting graphics is another excellent tip to make your community newsletter look more professional.

Keep the newsletter balanced between fun and engaging items, and need-to-know topics and reminders. Keeping the newsletter interesting with fun topics will also ensure the reader sees the important topics.

Need Help Creating Your Newsletter?

A lot of responsibility comes with being an HOA board member. Committing to an HOA board on top of your job, family, and personal life can be time-consuming, and adding in the creation of a weekly or monthly newsletter may seem like just another laborious task.

Working with an HOA management company can relief some of the stress that comes with being a part of an HOA board. Companies like Atlantic and pacific HOA management can help with anything related to your HOA, from creating a newsletter to creating a budget.   

For more information, visit Atlantic and Pacific HOA Management.

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