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Creating an HOA Calendar

Being an HOA member can be a more time-consuming task than you may expect. With meetings, deadlines, elections, budgeting planning, and everything else that goes into being a part of the HOA, you can find yourself overwhelmed trying to balance the deadlines and dates of an HOA on top of living your normal life.

One way to help you and everyone else that is a part of your HOA is to create an HOA annual calendar. A calendar will help everyone stay on track, know when meetings, deadlines, and events are, and allow people to plan ahead.

When creating your HOA calendar, there are some things you should take into consideration.


The calendar is in place to make the year run more smoothly. When creating the calendar, delegate people to complete each task. It is important to spread the workload out as much as possible so that board volunteers are not stretched too thin or over worked.

First, make a to-do list and consider the amount of volunteer time that will be involved. Distribute volunteer items over time to spread out the work. Divide up contractor tasks by committees such as maintenance, budget, and landscaping if you do not have a professional manager.


Dates may shift, and items may be added as the year progresses, but having a general overview of what homeowners can expect through the course of the year can help them plan, budget, as well as know about in upcoming activities.

The calendar should be updated during each HOA board meeting to reflect any changes. Whoever is assigned to be in charge of managing the calendar should notify the rest of the HOA and the community when changes are made.

What to include:

  • HOA meetings, board meetings, and any other meetings
  • Review of vendor contracts
  • Review of HOA budget: this likely will occur at your board’s annual meeting, but including this on the calendar can help homeowners plan to attend and come prepared with any questions.
  • Review of safety and security issues: noting this on a calendar can bring homeowners together to talk through any recent or ongoing concerns.
  • Review of HOA’s disaster preparedness plan: it’s especially important that homeowners be part of this discussion so that everyone understands what to expect in the event of a disaster.
  • Work parties: note work parties and volunteer opportunities so homeowners can plan their schedules in advance and get involved in their community.
  • Regular maintenance work: carpet cleanings, annual fire extinguisher and alarm inspections, window washings, gutter cleanings, and other regular maintenance items should be scheduled on the annual calendar.
  • Fun activities and events: community-wide yard/garage sales, potluck gatherings, movie nights, holiday parties, or anything else the community is planning!

When to Create Your HOA Calendar
It is a good idea to create the calendar when you are planning your annual budget. This will allow you to visualize where and when you will be spending throughout the year.

Other Considerations
You may have other items to consider when creating your HOA calendar. Using an HOA management company can help you create an effective calendar or clear up any uncertainties you may have. For additional HOA support, contact Atlantic and Pacific Management.

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