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Five Tips for New HOA Board Members

Compliments to you for your new role as an HOA board member! Give yourself a pat on the back for your new position.

Being an HOA board member comes with a lot of different responsibilities and requires you to wear a lot of different hats.

To help you get started on your new role, Atlantic and Pacific Management has put together five useful tips.

1) Understand Your Role and Governing Documents

You will need a clear sense of everyone’s roles inside and outside of the association. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the board, association members, and the management company will help you assimilate how each contributes to the success of the association.

Reading your covenants, by-laws, and other governing documents will also help you learn how your association works. There is an abundance of legal and industry terms with which you will need to familiarize yourself as well. Knowing the governing documents and legal terms will not only help you understand your role, but also help you when explaining things to your community.

2) Understand Finances

Managing an HOA budget can be similar to managing the budget of a small business. It can be overwhelming, and if you are not familiar with finances and budgeting, it can be difficult to understand.

You should first review the financial statement with the HOA treasurer or the property manager. It is the responsibility of the HOA board to make sure that the budget, cash flow, and reserves are being managed effectively. Conducting a midyear budget review is always a good idea, and don’t be afraid to reach out to your HOA management company for assistance.

3) Plan and Make Decisions Efficiently

Being an HOA board member is a big responsibility and can become time-consuming. It also comes with a lot of decision-making power. Keep in mind this is something you are volunteering to do, and you most likely have a job and family to tend to as well. Plan and organize the time that you are dedicating to the HOA board, and make the most of it. In the time you are allotting yourself to the board, you want to be productive, so prioritize needs such as community projects and vendor contracts. Don’t rush decisions; it is okay to wait to make final decisions to ensure the best outcome.

4) Communication is Key

Communication between the HOA board and the community is essential to maintain a happy and trusting relationship. Make sure the board is being transparent with the community and listening to feedback. The community should know what’s going on with the board, in the association, and how money is being spent. At times, the information being disseminated won’t be what everyone wants to hear, but that is a part of building a trusting and informed community.

5) Ask Your Management Company for Education and Assistance

The community association management company provides instruction, service, support; enforces your association’s policies; and ensures appropriate communication to all homeowners and residents. It also assists with financial management and budgeting, creating your reserve study, maintaining records, managing vendors, and connecting you to additional expertise when you need it.

More Tips, Information, and Assistance

Atlantic and Pacific Management offers a full spectrum of HOA management and residential support services in San Diego County. A&P can review all your HOA needs, including assistance with your budget. Reach out and see for yourself how A&P can help your HOA become more successful.

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