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The Power Of Prevention

Taking time to regularly upkeep can help you avoid shelling out cash for repairs and prevent claims that could cause a spike in your homeowners insurance premium.


Clean Inspect Check
Monthly ·      Vents

·      Dryer Filters

·      Septic Tank

·      Furnace

·      Fire Extinguishers

·      Smoke Detector Batteries

·      Leaky Faucets

·      Running Toilets

Quarterly ·      Gutters

·      Downspouts

·      Chimney

·      Fireplace

·      Heating & Air Systems

·      Tree Branches, Cracks & Gaps

·      Interior Caulking

Yearly ·      Washer Hose Connections

·      HVAC System Calls

·      Roof for Leaks, Mold & Water Damage ·      Foundation for Cracks

·      Exterior Drainage

Plus review your homeowners policy annually so you know what’s covered and what isn’t!



If you can make it as below layout, it would look great!


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