4 Reasons To Choose an HOA Management Company

So you are looking for an experienced professional with hands-on experience to help you and your community run more smoothly, operate more efficiently, and have a stress free process? You are not alone. Millions of Americans put their trust in Home Owners Association Management companies to help them with these solutions. But not all HOA Management companies were created equal! With over 40 years as a family owned HOA Management provider, we have learned a thing or two. Here are some of the most important characteristics you should be aware of when putting your time, faith, and most importantly money, into an HOA Management provider.

1. Cost
This one seems pretty obvious but you would be surprised how many people are overpaying each month for a lot less value than they should be. The monthly fees of course vary depending on your neighborhood, zip code, and other factors. Nevertheless, are you sure you are paying the right amount for what you are getting? How many times have you heard someone say, “That’s just the way we have always done it”? Safe to say that line has been one of the biggest inhibitors of growth and progress, and it’s no different for questioning your HOA fees. We urge you to do your research, get a quote, and schedule a meeting with your HOA board members to discuss which less expensive, added value, and cost efficient solutions you can bring to your community.

2. Communication
“Yes, but I’m waiting to hear back from them”. That is a line you should never use when refereeing to your HOA Management partners. Communication is key to any strong working relationship, especially when it has to do with your home. For people who make their living serving communities it is fair to assume that they would do so in a timely manner, but as far too many know this is not always the case. One thing that really separates Atlantic & Pacific Management is our 24-hour customer service, so our caring professionals can help you answer your questions and solve your problems around the clock.

3. Transparency “Where is my fee going towards anyways?” a very fair question community members often have, but not one that should be disregarded. You deserve to know exactly how your dollars are being spent in your neighborhood whether it is the upkeep of roads, or maintenance for the community clubhouse. Nobody should be left in the dark. With Atlantic & Pacific Management, you will receive documents demonstrating the budgets, financial planning, and future expenditures for your HOA. Don’t let your HOA Management push you around; you owe it to yourself to work with professionals who act like one.

4. Easy
Life will always come with stress, it’s an inevitability we all must face. But what our mission at Atlantic & Pacific Management is to have you stressing about less when it comes to your community, in your busy life. Mailing checks is a blast from the past. Today’s standard is online billing, which can even be automated if you wish. Getting your bills on time is important, however with A&P it is as easy as a few clicks and you are set for good. The last thing we want is for you to be at work thinking, ‘did I remember to pay the bills?’ and you can count on us to help you with that with our streamlined processes.

Overall there are a lot of factors you should consider when choosing an HOA Management partner. If you are unsatisfied with your service, please give us a call today and we would be happy to connect with you and your HOA board members to see how we can improve your community and your home.

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