FAQs about HOA Management

Q. What is a homeowners association?

A. A homeowners association is a non-profit organization, lead by a group of volunteer Board of Directors elected by the members of the association. Their responsibilities include maintaining the communal assets, facilitate overall neighborhood operations, and to fairly enforce the governing documents. On top of that they are your focal point for any questions or concerns you might have for your community.

Q. Why do need an HOA?

The benefits of a strong HOA are plentiful but the biggest perks would have to be availability of community amenities, an increase of your home value, and keeping unwanted members out of your community. Most homeowners associations have the benefit of providing the neighborhood with available amenities such as tennis courts, pools, clubhouses or a protective gate. In addition HOA fees can be used for ground maintenance, which can help maintain the appearance of your whole neighborhood. Having them around will put your home in a good position to increase in value as your neighborhood only becomes more desirable because of their efforts. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overall value an HOA can bring you.

Q. How many communities are managers responsible for?

A. We are very vigilant about not straining our expert managers, and to best provide each of you with the best possible service we make sure that they have ample time and resources to go above and beyond for each of our happy communities. Prior to assigning a community to a manager, we take into consideration the size of the community, the type of community and how often the Board has their meetings. Thankfully we have a dedicated group of managers who not only know what their capacities are, but are excited to forge new relationships and make a positive difference in additional communities.

Q. If Atlantic and Pacific Management becomes our new management company, can our Board continue to use our current vendors?

A. Definitely! We will not replace any of your acting vendors unless your Board of Directors decides that they would like to look elsewhere. Being in the business in San Diego for over 40 years, we know a thing or two about vendor expectations however, the decision is on the shoulders of your elected Board. We are always happy to provide a recommendation.

Q. How can my community get Atlantic and Pacific Management?

A. Good news! We are available to help more communities and community members get the most out of their homes. We all want a safe, fair, and beautiful HOA, without giving up an arm and a leg. If you are looking for premium service without having to pay a premium, reach out to us today or call us at (858)-672-3100.


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