So You Want to Be a Board Member? Here is What You Need To Know

We all know the type. The person who is sitting on your HOA board looking to get away with the bare minimum. The woman who knows she has a “real job” and is on the fence with throwing in the towel, or the man who looks at their board meetings over coffee and donuts as nothing more than a social gathering.

But that’s not you.

What's the big deal, I could do this in my sleep. We decided to volunteer for the Board because it would be a good time and it seems easy enough. There's not much to it. It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist.

It definitely doesn’t. But those aren’t your thoughts either.

You probably want to make a positive difference in your community, and you know that your best chance to do so is to become that decision maker. It’s an honorable thing to spearhead progress on behalf of your neighbors, and putting some responsibility on your shoulders is a noble thing. After all, you are a volunteer at the end of the day. But before you decide to walk down the path of HOA Board membership and carve out your time for the good of your community here is some food for thought from the HOA management experts for over 40 years.

Everybody’s Friend

Your community is probably composed of many long-time residents, most of whom know each other, good quality neighbors. This is the good news. They have become a tight knit community that welcomes new homeowners. At a glance, and especially if you know the members personally, the HOA looks inviting, a warm and fuzzy place where everything goes nice and smooth. What could go wrong? However, if you are looking at aspects other than the "low dues" and the "nice people" who live there, you’ll most likely find flaws, costly decision making and expensive assets that have been put on the back burner for far too long.

The Result

We are all too familiar with these associations, where the assessments have remained low for 15 - 25 years. Nobody wanted to be “that person” who initiates any grumblings about money and dues. The negligence became the norm and any idea of change would be met with hesitation or even negativity. However, now they face much larger problems. The cash reserves in each of these communities are insufficient to do any major work. In fact, often times these reckless Boards will have less than 10% of what it has recently been discovered is needed for important maintenance and repairs to the buildings, amenities, and landscaping. Does this sound like where you live? It’s not too late.

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda…

At times roofing, painting, mold or termite damage goes unaddressed for decades and culminates in current residents paying for the mistakes of their predecessors. Hindsight is 20/20. Yes Boards should have reached out for help earlier and yes owners like you should have been provided with all of the facts. Yes you should have received the legally required disclosures, which include a worksheet identifying deficiencies and possible special assessments for your home and community. Thankfully for you readers out here this is your precaution and you can learn from the mistakes of others and save your neighborhood stress, time, and dollars.

Being informed is the best thing you can do before you try your take the leap toward being on your HOA Board and leaving a lasting impact in your community. Having experience, expertise, and understanding of the HOA world really goes a long way when trying to execute your goals. But your average weekend warrior serving on your board is probably lacking in most of those areas. That is where we come in.

Here at Atlantic and Pacific Management we have over 40 years of experience serving over 50 communities in San Diego County. We specialize in helping HOA Board Members and making their responsibilities and lives as easy as possible. We have learned a great deal because we have seen a great deal. If you are looking to make a difference in your community and want some more advice on where to start you can request a proposal or call us today at 858)-672-3100, we would love to chat with you.

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