It Might Be Time To Change Your HOA Management

Fall is the time of year where Home Owner Associations’ make decisions on the upcoming year, vote on how they want to operate, and their existing contracts with you expire. Now is a better time than ever to assess how much you are overspending, the quality of service, and the timeliness of your current provider. The overwhelming majority of America’s community associations lack any professional HOA management. If this pertains to you, then this is a great opportunity to put your homes in the hands of trusted professionals who actually specialize in delivering superb HOA management. Here are some signs that it could be worth your while to look into another provider.

1. Your HOA Community Manager Is Leaving Projects Incomplete

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Is this construction EVER going to get done?”. This is a common reality for many communities, where the manager fails to even complete your projects. Nobody enjoys living in an active construction site, and whether it is a leak, the roads, or mold in your home, you want to have people on the job who care that it gets done as fast as possible and to last.

2. Lack of Communication

Too often are community members’ phone calls, emails, and questions completely disregarded by HOA management. Being put on the backburner can be very frustrating, especially when it comes to concerns within your community and your home. Atlantic & Pacific Management has a 24/7 live call center service so your questions and concerns can be met right away. You deserve an HOA Management Company who prides themselves in delivering only the best service, and truly care that your needs are met.

3. Trust In Experience

Right now your HOA Community Manager has a lot on his plate and understandably so. They have the finances to run, the community picnic, the pool guy to worry about, and keeping the community up to standard. Understandably so, with a lot of different things to manage, they might not be as focused on each community members specific needs. What you need is someone who has been doing HOA Management for a long time and focus on that as their specialty. Hiring a professional property manager gives you the priceless access to knowledge and experience that you need to make the best decisions. Property managers who have been doing just that for years, can really have your back. Whether it be guiding a board of directors with their decision making, or helping you step by step with the financials, you want a HOA Management company who will fight for your best interests.

These are just a few of the many reasons to question your current HOA Management company, and now that you are aware of the different possibilities you should do yourself and your family a favor, and explore your options. You should never be paying for ineffectiveness, a lack of experience, and getting flat out ignored. If you have to deal with one or more of these problems, check out Atlantic & Pacific Management today and “Request for HOA Proposal” up above!

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